Sunday, 10 March 2019

Shine For Jesus

A gentle whisper on your ear, a calm wind that touches the shore
The presence of eternal brilliance
You are meant, yes you are meant to shine!!
You are meant to live with him for time without an end
Why don’t you care for yourself good enough?
Don’t you know there is a one called Jesus deep inside?
Light of the world, has he been called from ages

We are called to sit and ascent with him,
Whatever comes in our way, do not again go back to darkened
Nothing but the burden of Jesus is what it takes
Nothing but to shine for him is what the real taste

Be strong enough to hold onto the promises of his coming kingdom
No more or less, will it cost you to rage the war within
“Our of the darkness into marvelous light”, this is what he makes known
Is this too hard to follow the light that keeps on calling you for so long
What a measure of faith; yes yes, the measure of hope indeed

Shine for Jesus and you’ll never want for anything else
Ask yourself, how long have you been running in the dark streets?
Same old man fashioned with no desire to leave the selfless feeling
Make yourself known how bright is the day to step into the pavilion
You’ll have peace in heart, if you know whom you follow
Be the one who knows that Christ’s love endures

Let your light so shine, yes yes.. let it bloom forever in this place
Make it known to others, that there is a way
In the deepest bottomless pit, you’d not want to be kept
Rather in the midst of heavenly realms, pray that you go that way
And shine for him wherever he takes you, till you serve him with best

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Christ Is Enough

Are you living more, or living less?
Do you have plenty in your pocket to use?
Is this really about money, you think?
It’s about the great savior that died on the cross
He has done enough for us, and he is enough for us

What will mankind think when we say about Jesus Christ
Is this world really worthy to hear the gospel?
People are stricken and get beaten when they open up the voices about God
Is this world really worthy???

Christ is enough for everyone
Not the child, not the saved, not the king or the sacred
Christ is enough for the poor too
Christ is enough for the old, weak, sinner, and many faces
This is not that we speak, rather something that he did it

Make a way for the Lord, he is coming
Make a room in your heart, he wants to fill in
He says: “I am all you need”
Is not this great and enough, because the one who calls us is the most high one
Make a room now, and bring your burdens to him
Because he lives and will let you live at peace

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Do You Have Expectations???

You are trying hard but not to the extent…
You are on your way to achieve something, but don’t know what to look at,
Is this the deepest emptiness you carry.
Or have your enemies defeated you with misery.

You never know, where the story will end
Just before the day when its dawn, you are out on run to see the skylight
Not because you do anything so mysterious, but because the one who led you is mysterious himself
After you have received your calling, don’t fall back…
Don’t turn your back to the Lord who is ready to set his love and affections for you

There are no more hardships, or vain imaginable things,
No sorrow that would have left you under your pillow
Misery and poverty is already defeated and you are counted as worthy as priesthood.

This is a signal to people who are under trails.
God takes every account, so be a new creature which doesn’t follow after the fashion of the world
Gifts, gifts and gifts is something we require of God
Not gold, nor silver, but his Holy Spirit to make us his own and likeness
Let us throw away the bad template and cling to the newness of life-book and wait till the final triumph

Sunday, 26 August 2018

My Favourite Quotes At Glance

Favoritism is within your heart. You can dig it and find utmost need to your desire. There is a deep link between what people say and belief. This is because sometimes they think from mind and another time by heart.

If you are genuinely looking for a satisfied life, you must always choose the good from the bad. The later will take you to a sorrowful ending while the former to an everlasting beginning.

Speak to your heart, it is still time to live… let no other flaws come between. You were there then and you are still hear. Let go of the self-punishment and let go of all your bad memories.

I have heard someone cry a loud. Was this from my within, I tried hard to listen to it. Can it be the voice of Jesus interceding my prayers.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

The "WORD" Which Speaks Everything

The one from the beginning, the one that lasts forever
It is he that was formed of himself and he who knows his own
He gives everything; he holds everything
And more what can be said of “word”?
And more what anything be added to it?

Word is all in all!!
Word is God Almighty!!
Word is that power which brings light to the world…

Men were known for their sinful deeds
But Jesus took all at the cross
Is not “Jesus”, the “Word”, we speak of
That came down from heaven as grace
Is not he the Son of God who became man in sinful flesh

But the world hid itself from seeing that glorious picture
Men did blinded himself and turned away from the one that came to sow fruits of love

Oh! What a perverse generation?
Jesus, speaks this Out!!
He calls everyone to repent at this high time
He commands every heart to be sorrowful seeing the hour of salvation is near

“Word” Calls out at every streets
He makes known to people the oracles of God
Let us come out to preach the word out of a bold spirit
Because this is his commandment for every soul to enter his kingdom at the hour of his return
Let us never be weary of our calling
And be ready to receive his word with thanksgiving

Life becomes very expressive, because God is in it
He fills every believer’s heart through the words of his Spirit
There is no other so powerful and mighty
Where infinite things hold together and he manifests this testimony to declare out of his precious
Let us light a lamp and make ourselves glad
Because the “Word” still speaks everything
And will bring to pass.., that is everlasting!!...

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Carry Your Cross

O Wicked man where have you anchored your iniquities?
How far have you transgressed against the mighty Lord?
Is this the penalty you would take down to grave?
Can your self-boasting pride save you from eternal destruction?

Your errors have been a mountain in the sight of God
There is no place where you could hide your wickedness
Come and bow down before the cross..
And let your filthy substances find cure...

Is not the cross your only way to find rest and peace to soul
Where forgiveness is through immeasurable grace,
 and mercy overflowing like wells of living waters
Even where your burden is made light and evil is cast far away

This is the only truth where joy and perfection is seen through clear glass
Where people believe and carry their cross from the core of their hearts
This is not for a day, nor for a year
But lengths of days which take them to eternity shore

How wondrous is the cross where Christ has paid the price for your sins
And we are at our way to receive him with praises and delight
Cross is the only way where men is set free and find true light to overcome their dark lives

He is calling your name,
Those who hear will never be put to shame
O what a long-suffering of love and meekness
Where death is no more bound with sinful chains
And souls is won to sit at heavenly place with angels surrounding the throne of God
The calling is high and victory is for sure
And you will rely on the only saviour forever by his tender yoke

Monday, 29 January 2018

A Song From The Heart

Things to require is what it takes to show
Greater things deep within is more now to be brushed
How high and deep is the love to bind
In midst of every heart there is a chance to blow
Come rain and swallow our heart and make it upright in the eyes of the Lord
Come and brings things which seem out of the dust
Travelling far and wide and nothing to grasp
But it can be seen clearly through the eyes of sky
Where does the wind take you and lift you up
Does it takes to mountain and make you bold enough to face the terror
Does it also shower greater riches than gold and unbind your sorrows

Yes yes we can say,,.. love does wins victory
And there is even more conquering words to explain his might
Nothing to harm or to destroy.. what is yet to glimpse is you need to prepare
And move by inclining your heart to the only mighty one
Yes he says when you look to the heaven..
Yes he says when he come from the clouds to swallow the death

It is time to ask for a life and give him glory..
Never to fear what tomorrow brings and never to stay quite when you are happy
Up goes the good man and down the evil to grave..
This is to mark that now possible things are known from the very beginning of time
Yet it is to ask man about their duties and ongoing privileges
And seek a more clear definition to explain such stuffs
Let not your heart seek the dark.. but let it also restrain the evil

Days are gone when you were standing alone at the shore
But now you are carrying a more gladness of hope
Let it bring good news and fill you with glamour
And unwind the darkness concaved with hard core of fierce
Now it is time to scale upside down and make a mere statement to cast a bridge
This time it will take you to streams of dancing, rejoicing and hope filled with colorful memories
And you will be given a next story to write down with open heart ink
Make sure you tie all the chains and save your old rough points
This will surely gonna win and you don’t have to cling to any memory that are out of the bridge